Carlton Bolling Retains ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED Rating

Carlton Bolling retained its ‘Outstanding’ rating from OFSTED in a recent inspection help on May 10 and 11. The school has been ‘Outstanding’ since October 2017, when it was inspected under a previous OFSTED framework. Since then a new framework, which is seen as far tougher by schools, has been introduced. This has resulted in many Outstanding schools losing their top rating, but Carlton Bolling has bucked this trend with a report that contained many stunning accolades to the standards observed at the school.

Describing what it was like to attend the school, inspectors commented,

“‘Excellence for all’ is woven through every aspect of life at Carlton Bolling. Pupils are valued as individuals. Every pupil that inspectors spoke with described how happy they were to attend this school. Expectations and aspirations for pupils are high. Leaders ensure that all pupils get the help they need to meet the high aspirations they have for them”.

Behaviour and conduct at the school were similarly lavished with praise,

“Behaviour around the school is superb. In lessons, pupils are focused and enjoy lessons. Relationships between teachers and pupils are rooted in respect. Lessons run smoothly”.

They also noted the positive relationships between students “Behaviour in the school is exemplary. Pupils are respectful of each other. The relationships between adults and pupils are incredibly warm”.

The strong pastoral provision care offered was outlined in their comments “Pupils feel cared for and would not hesitate to speak to teachers with any concerns”.

Also noting how safe pupils felt within school “Bullying is very rare. Pupils are confident and outgoing. The school is a caring, safe environment”.

Teaching and learning also had praise heaped upon it with OFSTED describing the curriculum as “Highly ambitious and superbly taught.

‘Everyone belongs’ is the mantra which energises the work of all members of staff.

Also noting the innovative school reading programme “The broad, rich curriculum is underpinned by an incredibly strong reading programme. Leaders identify the weakest readers and support them through targeted phonics intervention. All pupils have access to high quality reading texts”.

Head of School Mohammed Azum was understandably delighted by the outcome saying “We are thrilled that we are still rated as outstanding. This is testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff who constantly go above and beyond to ensure students receive the best possible education for our students’.

Secondary Executive Head Jon Skurr echoed these sentiments “We are delighted to receive such an amazing report”.

“Under the new framework its really tough to continue to be ‘Outstanding’.

“We are one of the very few schools to manage this achievement”.

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