Trust Initiatives

Carlton Edge

Carlton Edge is an innovative programme unique to the Trust to develop the social capital, life experiences and aspirations of secondary school students in the Trust. This is seen as a necessity to help overcome the significant disadvantages faced by many students.

The Social Capital programme comprises eight separate experiences offered as a compulsory free curriculum entitlement to all students, scheduled two per year over Years 7 to 10. The current offer is:

  • Outdoor and adventurous trip/residential
  • Visit to the countryside
  • Visit to a major city
  • Visit to the coast
  • Formal meal
  • Visit to the theatre
  • Visit to a town/city of historical significance
  • Additional trip to the coast or countryside

Points are attached to all trips, with students attending all core activities ‘graduating’ at the ‘Gold’ standard. Schools also offer their own school activities which recognises contributions and involvement in many activities that enable students to gain additional points and graduate at ‘Platinum Level’.

Trust CEO Adrian Kneeshaw is a great advocate of the programme commenting, “The Edge programme is a significant financial commitment, but this is more than worth it when considering the huge benefits the programme brings to Carlton students”.

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