Working for CAT

The Trust is a great place to work, with a happy, friendly, open culture which seeks to support and develop staff. People are encouraged to be leaders, taking innovative approaches where necessary to ensure provision is the very best it can be. Although experience is important, the Trust primarily looks to identify character and potential and those people who, with the necessary support and direction, will attain the very highest standards. These priorities are encoded in the Trust Leadership Philosophies, which are an expectation of all leaders at CAT.

Employee welfare is important to us as we see staff as the Trust’s most important resource. We aim to preserve a proper work-life balance, so that staff have the time to achieve the high standards we aspire to within contracted hours and don’t need to routinely take work home. Some examples of how we do this include:

  • Using more productive and efficient work systems
  • Reduction in paperwork and bureaucracy
  • Commitment to holding just one after school meeting or event each week
  • Shorter, compact school days which enable earlier finish times
  • Early Friday finishes at some schools

All Trust staff also enjoy membership of a non-contributory Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Hey there, couldn’t help noticing you’re using Internet Explorer

That’s great and all, and we commend you for pushing through with it. Unfortunately we no longer offer support for IE; it hasn’t received a major update since 2015 and Microsoft are dropping support for it later in the year.

If you’re using Windows 10 and want to stick with a built in browser, please consider switching to Edge. Or, if you really want to enjoy the internet properly we strongly recommend downloading Google Chrome here.